Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So many patterns...so little time

OMG have you guys seen the gazillion of patterns that are available for knitting and crocheting? And I am just talking about the free ones!

I have a confession as much as I LOVE to knit, the only time I really get to knit is on the train to and from work. When I get home, aside from the everyday things like, dinner and daughter time and getting ready for the next day and laundry and husband time; I sign onto Ravelry and then I am on for hours just looking and <3ing patterns that I really wanna make. Like there is always someone having a baby, or a birthday or some big event. How often do you really get to knit something for yourself? I RARELY get to knit something for myself and I forced myself to knit something for me...it was a Black Mmmmmmalabrigo hat OOOOOOOOOOOwee...except I made it too big and haven't had the time to go back and fix it. UGH! My sister, daughter and granddaughter have nice warm heads and mine...Ah well!

I am currently working on 2 buntings, a hat and scarf set for my grandmother, a set of fingerless or convertible (not sure which yet) mitts, and a hat for my husband...but there are soo many wonderful patterns out there that I just wanna go work in a yarn store so I can have more knitting time...am I the only one? I saw a cartoon that said "My job is interfering with my knitting"...LOL but I am thankful for the interference because it funds my knitting addiction.

Oh well talk to all you Precious Purls later...smooches!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


OK so I started this blog and I wasn't sure what to write about, so I checked out other blogs and I am gonna attempt to do my thing on dis here blog..LOL

I am knitting a bunting for my stepdaughter's soon to be born baby (see pic on right). I am also preparing to teach a girl scout troop how to knit with a knitting buddy of mine. I am really excited about that I think every young lady should know how to do something that will bring her extra money when and/or if she ever needs to.

So I gave up buying yarn for Lent and when I tell you I didn't realize how much I was gonna miss it...whoa. It doesn't help that my husband keeps teasing me...I WILL get him back!

Anyway, talk to you guys later. Oh yeah check out Ravelry if you are not already a member it's a really cool place for knitters and crocheters to hang out.