Monday, May 4, 2015


This is the festival that starts off my knitting festival season.

I had the pleasure of attending the Maryland Sheep & Wool this past weekend, with my group the Knatural Purls.
Knatural Purl Gurlz

I gotta tell you that I have been going for at least 6 years now and it never disappoints.
It's just great to be amongst all those crafters and everyone is talking crafty talk, wearing crafty garments and buying crafty things.  You get to see people that you only chat with on Social Media.  It's just soooooo much fun. 

Outlander Chevron Shawl

First stop was Bijou Basin they have the most awesome yarn and Carl always has a big smile, a firm handshake and great conversation

When the Cowl'd Wind Blows
Dragonfly Fibers ( was packed to the gills.  I didn't get to see her offerings, but I did get to have a quick chat with Kate about a design that I did with her Traveller yarn.
The pattern There Be Dragonflies is always a big hit at festivals.

Karida Collins
Neighborhood Fiber Co

Neightborhood Fiber Co  had it goin on too. That little tent was jumping and she had some great designs and beautiful yarn. There is also a wonderful MKAL going on in her Ravelry group with designer RosiG... the MKAL is almost over but the pattern is still for sale and there are lots of lovely pictures showing the progression of the beaded shawl.  
NFC & RosiG Spring MKAL

Indian Lake Artisans (
make hexagonal knitting needles. They were the nicest people and I enjoyed working with the needles. I purchased the maple wood needles because the size I needed only came in that bark but I really loved their cherry wood needles. Can't wait to start knitting with them. They also make fabulous yarn bowls.

Dances with Wools

Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit one of my favorites; Sheep Incognito. If you aren't familiar with this company please allow me to familiarize you. They have the cutest sheep artwork and I always look forward to seeing the new offerings.
see aren't they cute?
Frog it All

Hold the presses!
I need you to sit down when I drop this next bomb on ya...

MY HAUL! Miss Babs; Joji Locatelli 3-Color Cowl pattern;
Indian Lake Artisan needles; Neighborhood Fiber Co T-Shirt; 

Miss Babs did NOT, I repeat did NOT have a long line wrapped around the barn when I went there. As a matter of fact, I was second in line WHOA!!!! If you have ever attended a festival where Miss Babs was a vendor, you know that NEVER happens! Guess it was my lucky day :)
Those three skeins of yarn in my haul are dreamy. They are a cashmere silk blend and OH SO SOFT!
Treat yourself to some.
Yarn: Miss Babs Sojourn
Pattern: Joji Locatielli 3-color Cashmere Cowl