Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it only me?

Is it only me or is there just tooo much stuff on Ravelry...I get so lost in looking at patterns that I don't get much knitting done!

Oh well, Off to look at more patterns, look at more of my friends projects, and what they have queued or favorited LOL...I LOVE RAVELRY!

Come it only me?

Feliz Tejiendo and Knit Witcha Laytah...tootles

What's on your needles...?

So a few months back, I was sooooo excited that it was football season and I was going to get so much knitting done...FAIL! I am still working on the same dang scarf that I started back then.

So my question is, what's on your needles? (said like the CapitalOne commercial LOL). Presently, I have the same scarf on my needles. I also have a shawl on another set of needles, fingerless mitts on another set, and a headband on another...WHEW! I wonder who will actually get their gift by Christmas LOL.

Anyway guyz, I am gonna leave you to go actually work on some of my projects. TTYL

Feliz Tejiendo and Knit Witcha Laytah...smooches

Rhinebeck and Stuff...

Well I have to say that I am not getting quite as much knitting done as I thought I would...but I did make it to Rhinebeck!!!

I was a first timer to Rhinebeck and I was not disappointed, my only disappointment was that my friend and I didn't plan to spend two days there, it won't happen again!

OMG I saw the most wonderful yarn and the people were quite nice and it was just an experience that I am glad I had. I met a nice group of ladies, who like me had walked the skin off their feet and needed to rest, while sitting and taking a break. I bought yarn, but not too much (I was on my best behavior) and I had some hot (lukewarm) apple cider.

I didn't take alot of pics, because my wonderful IPhone (the smartphone that was quite dumb in Rhinebeck) was not working properly, but I did take a few and I will post them a little later. All in all though I had a great time. Next year it will be a girl's weekend get together...I can't wait!