Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh MaJay...

It was 9 yrs ago this month that my Great Grandmother passed away. We affectionately called her MaJay, short for Mother Geraldine. Whenever I knit, crochet or cook, I am reminded of her and all that she taught me. She was the craftiest woman I've ever known...she was always making something. She made jewelry for all of us and church friends, there was rarely a birth in the family that went without a newly crocheted blanket, she was a caterer and she could sew.

She taught me how to crochet at the tender age of 8 and my cooking lessons went on well into her 90's, I was always calling with questions of how to make something. When my daughter was born, she crocheted the baptismal dress and beret for the christening...I was floored, I didn't even think she could still crochet, she was about 92 when she made that.

I really miss her and I really wish that I had been more serious about crafting to get all of her knowledge before she left. I do think that she is smiling down proudly looking at all the things that I am doing and learning, and I am looking up and smiling back at her because she was my first teacher.

Oh MaJay how I miss you so...and I want to say thank you for sharing your love of crafting.

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